The following projects are being promoted through ladies patronage and ADA (from Cardano) as a way to Empower Women Globally and to grow WIMS and Cardano world wide.

1. Vicky WIMS Cardano Voyage(Training)
WIMS Cardano Women Training Voyage(Vicky)

2. Agnes WIMS Cardano Voyage(Crypto)
WIMS Cardano Crypto Assets Voyage(Agnes)

4. Nomathemba WIMS Cardano Voyage(Development)
WIMS Cardano Plutus & Marlowe Development by Women Voyage(Nomathemba)

5. Onkemetse WIMS Cardano Voyage(Ambassador)
WIMS Cardano Ambassador(promotion, sales & marketing Onkemetse) Voyage.

6. Landiwe WIMS Cardano Voyage(Communications)
WIMS Cardano Communications, All forms of social media Voyage(Landiwe)

7. Clio WIMS Cardano Voyage(Academic)
WIMS Cardano Academic Voyage(Clio)

8. Mamiki WIMS Cardano Voyage(Research)
WIMS Cardano Research Voyage(Mamiki)

9. Debra WIMS Cardano Voyage(Businesses)
WIMS Cardano Businesses – Coordination of Traditional & Crypto Voyage(Debra)

10. Nozwelo WIMS Cardano Voyage(PR)
WIMS Cardano Public Relations Voyage(Nozwelo)

13. Portia WIMS Cardano Voyage(Girl Education)
WIMS Cardano Girl Education Voyage(Portia)

If you are one of these then

a) Send to WIMS your yoroi wallet address to receive 10ADA from WIMS.
b) Send us your clear profile image(smilling) and correct full name as per your national ID/Passport/Identity.
c) Email
d) Mobile Number

The yoroi wallet address will receive your rewards ADA & WIMT. The profile image and full name will be turned into an NFT, linked to your voyage using Smart Contract and saved on blockchain. It will not be possible to change this there after.

Your email and mobile number will be used to send you the links to your NFT.

As of today, the Smart Contracts are not yet running on Cardano so we will send ADA straight to your yoroi wallet address.

We encourage you to creatively promote your voyages as we will be requesting for more donations to get these projects running fully.

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