WIMS Cardano Galactic Voyages

(ADA, Smart Contracts, Honor, NFT, Blockchain Solutions...)


Empower Women Globally.


Reward and recognize women(female members and females who are mothers of WIMS-men) in Women In Move Solutions.

Description : a voyage is a long space journey. In this sense, it is a long project done by WIMS community members with a purpose of fulfilling the aims and objects and ecosystem services as defined in the WIMS White paper.


WIMS took a 10 week course on Cardano Plutus Pioneer developer training which involved learning and understanding Cardano Smart Contract development tools. Since the beginning of 2021 most WIMS mem- bers accepted moving from Ethereum to Cardano blockchain and as such all WIMS members will be part and parcel of the global Cardano community but focusing on women empowerment - a vision started in 2018.

The most important thing to note is that WIMS is not gender biased and as such all men in WIMS will have their mothers honoured and remunerated for their sons’ efforts in joining and developing WIMS. Why men's mothers? Because every men was born of a woman and as such the motherhood of women is uni- versal to all people.

The WIMS Cardano Galactic Voyages(WCGY) is therefore a set of WIMS projects which will do these things:

a) Honour names of WIMS ladies who joined since 2018 up to 2021.


A WIMS ecosystem project will be named by a ladies’ name, same way Cardano named their blockchain upgrade Mary, Shelly and honoured Ada Loveless by naming the Cardano coin ADA. For example, WIMS is grateful to Vicky Mantombi one of the first lady to train members on wallets, blockchain, Smart Contract in 2018. Therefore, WIMS has now Vicky Mantombi Voyage which will be a WIMS training project world wide.

This is an effort to tell the world that women's effort in IT must be honoured because gender disparity in IT is alarming:

about 25% of IT is women(bhttps://fairygodboss.com/articles/women-in-tech-facts-figures-and-per- centages#:~:text=How%20many%20women%20work%20in,who%20were%20women%20in %202014.))

b)ADA locked in Smart Contract, for 5 years will be donated the person whose name has been used as a project title.

c)1% of that project profit will be go to the dependencies of the person whose name was used or next of kin.

d)An NFT(digital certificate with a real photo) of the woman whose name was used is to be minted on Cardano blockchain.

In short, this is how WIMS will use Cardano technologies to advance the women empowerment: NAME usage on WIMS projects, ADA donation, 1% profit donation and NFT minting.

1. Vicky

WIMS Cardano Women Training Voyage(Vicky)

Vicky is a lady who helped WIMS a lot training metamask in the 2018. To recognise this effort and nurture for long, this project you be named after her name. let's call it Vicky Mantombi Voyage(It musk always have her image in the history of WIMS).

10 ADA will be locked for 5 years for this lady and her dependence with a good noble hope

that in 5 years ADA will be very valuable.

Vicky Mantombi Voyage WIMS project will train Women world wide; a) Train WIMS aims, objectives, strategies; Cardano ecosystem that complements WIMS. In this case, Voyage means a long space journey.

2. Agnes

WIMS Crypto Assets Voyage(Agnes)

Agnes won all's support for her inspirational contribution and best online marketing prowess.

10 ADA will be locked for 5 years for her and dependence and this project will have her profile image and name for as long as WIMS leaves.

3. Ottilia

WIMS Decentralisation and governance via WIMT Voyage(Ottilia)

The WIMT Token has Ottilia the founder's mother a dedication to improve lives of all women without discrimination world wide.

This project will see WIMS decentralised world wide.

WIMT will not only be utility token for WIMS but also governance token for WIMS.

4. Nomathemba

WIMS Plutus & Marlow Development by Women Voyage(Nomathemba)

She has been present at WIMS and being the youngest lady and college student will be honoured.

The development project will carry Nomathemba title and image.

10 ADA as for other ladies.

5. Onkemetse

WIMS Cardano Ambassador, promotion, sales & marketing Voyage(Onkemetse).

Her omnipresence, and support on social media combined with her marketing and recruitment abilities have placed this lady who joined in the heart of WIMS success.

10 ADA will be locked for 5 years in honour of Onkemetse and also profile image used for this project.

6. Landiwe

WIMS Communications, All forms of social media Voyage(Landiwe)

Since 2018 she was titled WIMS CEO although she never ran it that way but WIMS will honour her by this project.

She will have 5 ADA locked for 5 years and her image used.

7. Clio

WIMS Academic Voyage(Clio)

In 2018, she took on the advisor role and has been available and working with WIMS silently.

10 ADA locked for 5 years and her image used as NFT for this project forever.

8. Mamiki

WIMS Research Voyage(Mamiki)

One of the most inspirational ladies WIMS got was Mamiki. Very active and resourceful.

10 ADA locked for 5 years and her image will be for inspiring research and resilience for WIMS members on this project.

9. Debra

WIMS Businesses - Coordination of Traditional & Crypto Voyage(Debra)

Of all guardians of WIMS, Debra will be honoured for being the pillar of

support and blessed WIMS by recruiting effective members like Onkemetse and Mamiki.

10 ADA will be locked for 5 years for her and Debra image NFT used on this project forever.

10. Nozwelo

WIMS Cardano Public Relations Voyage(Nozwelo)

A strong believer in WIMS and recruiter of Thabiso who has turned out to be very resourceful for WIMS.

10 ADA for her and image as all the rest.

11. Thandazile

WIMS Women Employment & Administration Voyage(Thandazile)

She has been with WIMS with Administrator role, although not performed as originally intended.

10 ADA will be locked for 5 years and her name.

12. Bongiwe

WIMS membership referral Voyage(Bongiwe)

She has been with WIMS with Administrator role, although not performed as originally intended.

10 ADA will be locked for 5 years and her name

13. Portia

WIMS Girl Education Voyage(Portia)

She was one of the 2018 ladies and work as a support person.

14. Vanessa

WIMS Whom We Know Not Fund Voyage(Vanessa)

One of the first ladies with passion to see WIMS empower women. Benefits are same as above. This is a very crucial project aimed at receiving donations and using it to thank our future WIMS heroins and heros. We call these women and men Whom We Know Not because currently we do not know them God will give us these as WIMS evolves.

15. Funani

WIMS Remuneration Effort For Men we get to know and are helping Empower women in a special way(Funani)

Funani is one of the first WIMS ladies. Many times, after explaining WIMS to men, they do show how they are empowering women and not only that they even promise to step up activities that will do so. This will be WIMS thanks you effort. It is the Funani Voyage.

16. Monaefeze

WIMS Remuneration Effort For Women we get to know and are helping Empower women in a special way(Monaefeze)

Monaefeze is one of the first WIMS ladies. It is the Monaefeze Voyage.

17. Beaula

WIMS Remuneration Effort For Women of extraordinary ability(Beaula)

Beaula is one WIMS lady with a passion for seeing Women empowered world wide. In recognition of this spirit this voyage honors mothers/ladies/women of extraordinary ability to care, protect children be it theirs or not. One woman in South Africa caught in a burning flat preferred to save her child by throwing the child to people outside than die with the child. That act has left all of us speechless. Such audacity: call beyond duty to save children, deserves a reward. WIMS will dedicate Beaula Voyage project to such women with a hope the world will put extra effort to support women of such ability.








22.Patience(WIM Training)

23.Lindiwe Sibiya



WIMS Cardano Voyages:

For men, they will supply their mothers(mums, daughters) and ADA will be for them;

















etc... If you are left out here due to mistakes then contact us to amend. No one must feel left out.
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