An Online Advertising for all your needs

Everything is done online these days!

Even all the big brands are now online.

It is now time for all Tom Dick and Harry to go sell magwinya and kota n chips online and collect their cash via blockchain technology. With this blockchain technology no admin involved and no middle man. It is only you the advertiser or the seller with your customer.



Register on the above link and verify your email then go to step two below:

Register on the above cryptopros link and pay for your position in any crypto you have and the amount needed is just $5 if its tron that you have it will be 160TRX

Then wait for the email confirmation that your position is locked. Then make sure you log in your account daily and watch ads and post or submit your advert too. Make sure you do this consistently everyday and use this wims platform daily. To learn more about this wims platform go back to the link on step one above and learn and even call the admin there to teach you more on how to take more advantage of the wims token to promote any of your businesses.

Once you have done all the above then you will be able to learn and even advertise your business by using this platform like I do now and drive traffic to your sales page. You can as well use this blog page as your sales page if you do not have your own website.

Here I actually has put everything into one link and its something for everyone.

Weather you are selling magwinya or you are selling crypto or you are selling health products or face masks this blogging marketing page is for you.

Here are other Registered channels that you can use to grow your teams and to do a legit business online or offline:

Please keep reading…

I am actually a network marketing manager at IFN (Imfundoyami Fundraisers Network).

Our main goal as IFN is to help everyone to market anything that is legit and using a MLM model of marketing, this way you build downliners while you build your registered business. If you do not yet have your own business then you can raise funds through our system. It will cost you R200 once off and its non refundable.

Then after payment is done into our business account, and pop sent to epin admin, then I will register you into the system and send you your log in details. Make sure you have a valid verified email address. But how you will be sure your email is verified? Chat to me on whatsapp or telegram then I will show you how.

Back to the registration process, once you have got your log in details you must change your password and make it private and make sure you keep your ewallet password and your log in password. We will continue with this registration process on our telegram group.

Here is the Link to telegram:

The advantages of telegram group:
1. It can take 200000 members
2. You can pin a presentation as a pinned post to make it easy for new members joining the group.
3. Telegram has robots that we can use to automate our presentation if we need to.
4. New members can scroll up to see posts of members that were posted even before they joined.
5. Telegram is technology more advanced than WhatsApp.

I will be updating it more during the week but its already available to join the group

Let us meet in the Telegram Group above, shall we?

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