It will help advance the empowerment of Africa’s women, by improving women’s access to trade opportunities which will in turn facilitate economic freedom for women, and expand the productive capacity of countries.

Africa Head of States AfCFTA - WIMS Talk

“To support this, we must strengthen women’s participation in the continental economy by ensuring there is greater public procurement earmarked for women-owned businesses. We must ensure that there is sufficient support given to women-owned SMMEs and cooperatives in both local and regional economies” Emphasised Chairperson Ramaphosa.
(Source: Dec 5 2020 –

How WIMS Empowering Women Globally (EWG) works:
1. WIMS members are helped register businesses, cooperatives, Income Projects.
2. WIMS helps Women Businesses with online services and tools like domains, hosting, websites, and so on
3. WIMS helps promote women businesses globally and gives WIMS 30% discounts.
4. Training women in IT because global field is accessible via online e.g. online stores, online services.
5. Keep activities linked together using WIMT Token As medium of exchange.
6. Network women and help get them Business incubators and investors.

Read below WIMS White Paper:

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