Welcome New Member. The most important start point is for you to know and appreciate aims and objects of WIMS and have knowledge of the project plan we call white paper.

  1. Website url(you will find all social media links) is https://wims.io
  2. White paper(project plan) https://wims.io/assets/uploads/wp-wims-version-7.2.pdf
  3. Summary of benefits of WIMS:

a) Being a member of WIMS allows you to gain discounts(30%) on products and services

b)You are eligible to Business support via online tools like domain, websites, hosting, online stores and other apps. These are services WIMS can give to any member irregardless of where(geographical location like country) the member stays.

c) You receive WIMT Token for membership and also you can resell or transfer these to other members via our exchanges such as wimsbytetrade.com

d)You will receive free information on blockchain and other IT and can also be assisted with specialized training on blockchain.

e)You will network with other members and have them promote your product/services.

f) You will receive support on Business and therefore you will need to be having a registered business or a reliable sustainable income generating project.

g) You will be given 30% on referrals and this will give you reliable income if you work hard and promote available WIMS companies products/services in on social media or in any community.

h) You will have access to WIMS Talk i.e. https://wims.io/talk where you be able to learn and contribute using your language of choice.

i) Joining WIMS requires a once ofF $10(paid in BTC, ETH, TRX, DAI, USDT).

j) WIMS aims at Empowering Women Globally and is for all people: men, women, youth, academics, churches, organizations and so on and does not discriminate at all so that WIMS community is respected and accepted in all countries. WIMS has the WIMT Token. This token is the symbol of social and economic support to all women world wide. It is an ERC20 token and will also be generated on all other major blockchain like BTC, Tron, EOS, Binance and so on.

k) Avoid these so that WIMS is accepted by all governments of the world: Money Laundering, sponsoring or aiding activities that sponsor terrorism, activities that violates laws and by-laws of your jurisdiction. Consult with admin where you are not sure about these or seek your local legal advice. Blockchain is new technology but some of its activities are banned outrightly in other countries. If it is banned in your country then do WIMS activities which do not involve bitcoin like creating and running businesses with WIMS support for online tools. All governments that are members of UN promote Empowerment of Women and as such WIMS aims and objectives are inline with UN aims.

l) Lastly, if you have any query you are welcome to write to admin@wims.io, support@wims.io, cto@wims.io or to use our communication channels to get help or answers. Use WIMS Talk to express yourself clearly and freely and anyone of WIMS will understand. We are now able to accomodate all the world with WIMS Talk.

————————————Thank you for joining WIMS —————————-

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