WIMS Contest Project - WIMS Remember Private Keys[WCP-WRPK]

This project is to solve the problem of blockchain which is:
People forget passwords and private keys for crypto wallets, leading to millions of money lost.
WIMS must design and create a cryptographic blockchain solution which will help people remember their 12 words without giving out the actual 12 words(private keys).
This will save millions of lost money and also make blockchain services easy to use by everybody.

Write to cto@wims.io, om@wims.io, ceo@wims.io, admin@wims.io
WIMS Terms and Conditions apply.

WIMS Services and Products

WIMS products nd services
1. Blockchain Training and Consulting - Because this industry is at its infancy. Women must take advantage.
2. Websites development and support - The world is in your mobile phone. Women must be visible to the world.
3. Crypto Assets Market Listing - Promoting bitcoin, ethereum, tokens and businesses to generate income and businesses for our women.
4.Security Token Offering & Investment - Fund raising to build and run women empowering blockchain businesses globally.
Women In Move Solutions Pty Ltd (WIMS) may be your opportunity to change the world and create a long lasting legacy.

How did it come about? WIMS products nd services

Improving the well being of our families, communities and societies needs to begin with a strong support for our mothers, sisters and daughters(Women).
Unfortunately these are the most exploited in businesses. Are the most underrated, overlooked and are even 'The Unknown Economy Makers' when it comes to businesses.
Despite the fact that mankind is nurtured mostly by these 'Taken For Granted', Women have the resilience to survive in this patriatically society;
WIMS is on a global journey to change this game.

What is WIMT?
WIMS Token

It is WIMS ERC20 ethereum compliant token for :
- use at WIMS as easy payment solutions. With WIMT you can transfer money, do payments globally quickly and easily.
- investment, means of exchange and trade.
- fund raising for WIMS ventures such as competitions, mining, listing and community membership voting.
- for social transformation. WIMT is the symbol for love to promote women well being. Starting from the little girls we have up to the grand grannies.

WIMS Token Where to buy WIMTs?

The majority of our women are finding the processes of blockchain too long and too difficult.
WIMS has come up with an easy buy sell WIMT Tokens strategy: WIMS Escrow Fiat-Token Exchange WEFTE

WIMS Escrow Fiat-Token Exchange (WEFTE)

1. Buyers and Sellers find each other on WIMS decentralized Crypto Market Listing website
2. Buyer sends Fiat to WIMS, and seller is informed that his/her token have been bought. Seller sends his/her tokens to WIMS
3. WIMS - Not the Smart Contract swaps: Buyer is paid by WIMS and Seller is paid by WIMS.
This is safe and will enable WIMS to generate jobs for women.
This will enable WIMS to FICA members in compliance with AML/KYC international requirements.

Send your questions, comments to these emails cto@wims.io, om@wims.io, ceo@wims.io

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