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Women In Move Solutions (WIMS) is a world class women empowerment project. WIMT is an ERC20 Token powering WIMS blockchain ecosystem crafted to eliminate global gender inbalance in ICT. WIMS refers to a global blockchain based community engaged in different blockchain businesses for empowering women. There are many articles on internet that have written about the need to address gender disparity on blockchain. The few articles below do show how big the problem is.

1. Where Are The Women In The Blockchain Network?
2. Women In Blockchain And Crypto: How To Tackle Gender Inequality
3. Crypto Is Booming. But Where Are The Women?
4. We need more women in blockchain & cryptocurrency
5. Cryptocurrencies for Change: Why We Need Women on the Blockchain

WIMS is not only for women but for everyone. Men must participate because women play a crucial role in families and empowering them financially, is actually building our societies by assisting to eliminate poverty.

WIMS Value Proposition

Drive innovation with Women
The effort women put in nurturing children must be the same effort all people make to innovate with women.


A world where men get richer and richer and women lag behind is a cause for concern

Cultural, religious, national, financial, educational or enviromental obstacles drive women to poverty


WIMS Approach

Innovate with women

Financial Empowerment with WIMS

WIMS Whitepaper

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white paper


1 WIMT = $0.01
1 WIMT = 1 WIM = ᙔ1

The symbol for WIMS Token is ᙔ(i.e. a W with a T)
And the symbol for WIM Coin is ᙎ(i.e. Just a W);
For example ᙔ5000(Tokens) IS NOT ᙎ5000(Coins), but the value of tokens is equal to coins, since WIMS token or coin is meant to be non volatile. It is pegged to USDT which is USD

Total Tokens to be sold for all 11 WIMS ventures : 80 Billion WIMT = $800 million

WIMT will be the entry ticket for all to participate in the WIMS Ecosystem.
WIMT is an ERC20 Token. Because the development of the WIM coin takes time as a good blockchain must be engineered and developed first
a WIMT token will be circulating and will be replaced with WIM when it is available. WIMT will be traded on exchanges and participants will buy/sell it there. WIMS are a group of blockchain business innovations with women. They include:
exchanges, mining, trading, establishing blockchain businesses,
research and development, WIMS hackerthons, and so on.

Roadmap Map

WIMS are groups of commercial ventures and many will run in parrallel depending on which group is ready.

Below is a broad map of macro milestones. Click right arrow to see more...
Oct - Dec 2018
WIMT Token Private Distributions, Pre-sale
ERC20 Compliant Token WIMT created. Check here
Jan - Apr 2019
Private WIMT Discounted Sale, Build and running Exchanges and Training Women and Men : Trading & Dapps
Distributed and trained members on WIMT Token, Smart Contracts
Registered Members : 165
May - Aug 2019
Women in Exchanges and trading
Managed to setup https://www.wims.io/ccx
August - Dec 2019
Women Blockchain Competition $100K
Women Blockchain Business Solutions

Postponed to 2020
More ground work is still needed here. This has been postponed to 2020.
Jan - Apr 2020
Setting up Decentralized Exchanges, OTC platforms and promoting them world wide
May - Aug 2020
List and promotion of Women Empowering Businesses world wide. This will bring utility value to WIMT
August - Dec 2020
Women Blockchain Creation Preliminary Contests
Women Blockchain Business Solutions
Jan - Apr 2021
WIMS Coin Creation
Women must create blockchains, dApps, blockchain services
May onwards 2021
Traditional Business Integration with Technologies

WIMS Coin (WIM) ᙎ

WIMS will produce a new cryptocurrency coin named WIM(ᙎ). Symbol is ᙎ

The symbol for WIMS Token is ᙔ(i.e. a W with a T)
And the symbol for WIMS Coin is ᙎ(i.e. Just a W); For example ᙔ5000(Tokens) is not same as ᙎ5000(Coins)

Apart from being women and men's symbol of love, unity and prosperity,
WIMS will be designed to be easy to use like loyality cards, rewards, medum of value exchange, shopping points. It will be shoppers' cryptocurrency.
Why will WIMs be better than all cryptocoins?
It will be a crypto designed and developed with women in mind, in line with their daily needs.



This section clarifies a lot of questions.
Read through all questions and answers.

WIMS brings all women from different environments in to WIMs Financial Empowerment via Blockchain activities. Why? Blockchain is a new cutting edge technology and because it is at its infant, it provides an opportunity for all to establish IT businesses. As a conglomerate of blockchain business ventures, WIMS aims to drive the industry with women as players not as spectators so that in future they own and run big blockchain businesses.
WIMS refers to Women In Move Solutions. Several solutions for empowering women and the poor are in existence. What makes WIMS different and effective is the fact that Financial Empowerment needs an environment where women are allowed, are helped to be incharge of technology growth in their own ways not in a traditional man's way. WIMS ventures with women are in blockchain activities: exchanges, mining, building rags, building software, trading, building wallets and building cutting edge blockchain solutions.
WIMS is for all, but in any WIMS venture the following should prevail :
1. More women than men.
2. In WIMS activities are designed to facilitate transfer of skills without creating a superior inferior relationship.
3. In every WIMS innovation men create, let women re-engineer it and execute.
4. In WIMS Men compete in producing more techy women with cutting edge IT solutions.
5. In WIMS Men must be patient, accommodative, motivating, be positive with each and every woman effort.
Every activity men does: hard forking, ico, soft forking, mining, development, business, services should also be done by any woman anywhere in the world. Forked coins will be adapted to women without compromizing scalability, speed, efficiency and security of the coin. All governments have affirmative action and so is IT. WIMS are game changers. Support these activities so that your daughter, wife, mother, sister is the next blockchain service provider.


WIMS Team has been streamlined. We need dedicated Leaders to succeed. If you believe in WIMS philosophy and can contribute to our crypto community, you are welcome to apply (ceo@wims.io, om@wims.io, cto@wims.io)

Thandazile Angela Sibanda
Tobb Technologies Director
Nomathemba Dada
Diploma IT
Web Developer, UI/UX designer, IT Support, Cardano Plutus, Haskell student and activist
Celiwe Ngwenya
Master of Technology
Bernard Sibanda
BSC Computing
Solutions Achitect
WIMS Founder
Bongiwe Sibanda
Software Developer
Ambrose Mpofu
Maintenance and Engineering Manager

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